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he Colossus is the first part of the Vethrian Cycle. This part of the story occurs entirely in the Continuum (the world of the Colossals).

The Colossus story has only been very quickly summarized, in seven episodes, in order to provide the necessary backstory for the Eptian part of the Vethrian Cycle.

The Colossus, the story of the chaos and the battle of the Colossals for power. The struggle for Order in the midst of chaos. Foundation of the Seud Pnaoneth and the ascension of Evayrom. The creation of the Vethrians, originally called the Sevtohal, as a slave race by the Seud Pnaoneth in order to serve the Colossals and limit disharmony among them. The exile of the defeated Colossals to the periphery of the Continuum.

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